arlington youth foundation Grant Guidelines

The mission of the Arlington Youth Foundation is to support the youth of our community by providing the most opportunities to succeed in all walks of life.

Philosophy of Giving

Arlington Youth Foundation (AYF) recognizes that healthy, thriving communities depend on citizens, organizations and business partners for momentum.  The Arlington Youth Foundation lends support, services and resources to community organizations working to improve the quality of life for the youth in our community.  We will inspire others to ever-higher levels of personal/professional excellence and foster pride in our community. Since the founding of the Arlington Youth Foundation in 2004, AYF has donated over $335,000 to support the youth of our community. 

Eligible Organizations

AYF will prioritize its support to organizations that advance the following issues:

  • Must have a youth based focus involving Arlington youth
  • Education
  • Service to the community
  • Environment

Ineligible for AYF grants

  • NSAA/school sanctioned activities/tax funded
  • Camps (group & individual)
  • Political organizations
  • Non-tangible items (discretion of the AYF Grant Committee)
  • Individuals (due to the 501c3 status of AYF grants cannot be awarded to individuals)
  • There are no restrictions regarding race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, national origin or age

Primary Grant Considerations

  • There must be a connection and benefit to the youth of Arlington. Priority will be given to requests that impact large numbers of Arlington youth.
  • Requests that have the greatest impact on the Arlington community.
  • Requesting person/organization demonstrates evidence of additional matching/fundraising support.

Secondary Grant Considerations

  • Public relations benefit to the Arlington Youth Foundation
  • Requests from outside the Arlington community may be considered if,
    • The request fulfills our “Primary Grant Considerations” (listed above) and,
    • The requesting person/organizations supports AYF (i.e., AYF mission, provides donations, attend the annual Game Feed)
  • Tangible items that can be used/re-used
  • Hardship cases

How do I apply for an AYF grant?

Grant application forms can be accessed and submitted via the AYF website (on-line form). Our website is…  

When are AYF grant applications due?

Applications are due the last Friday in March  

When will grants be awarded?

Those receiving grants from AYF will be notified in April and awarded in early May. This is normally done at the opening day of baseball and softball at the Two Rivers State Bank Sports Complex.  

What documentation needs to be submitted by those that receive AYF grants?

Recipients of AYF grants need to supply receipts and any other appropriate documentation to AYF by December 1st of the year the grant was awarded.  

Revised February 2016